We engage in chanted prayers every day at the centre, all of which are dedicated to world peace. These beautiful and uplifting prayers are chanted in English in our beautiful meditation hall. The prayers are a powerful method for benefiting others, preparing our minds for meditation and overcoming obstacles to our practice. Everybody is welcome to participate, including beginners. Please ask if you would like any more information. If you would like to request particular prayers at any time, please contact us.
Prayer times below are subject to change. Please check monthly calenders from the link on the home page.  You can e-mail us at unwind@meditateinbirmingham.org

Daily ‘Heart Jewel’ Prayers (usually with 15 minutes of meditation)

Times vary, please check the calendar or contact the centre.

In these sessions we make prayers to our Spiritual Guide, visualized as Je Tsongkhapa and Dorje Shugden to request help with our Dharma practice and all beneficial conditions for ourselves and all living beings. These prayers last a little under 1 hour and everyone is welcome to attend.

Mondays  5:15 pmWishfulfilling Jewel with food offering

A slightly longer version of Heart Jewel with food offerings.

On the 10th and 25th every month -Offering to the Spiritual Guide prayers

A special Guru yoga practice of Je Tsongkhapa’s tradition

(please check calendar or contact the centre for times)

By relying upon Je Tsongkhapa, our compassion, wisdom, and spiritual power naturally increase. In particular, because Je Tsongkhapa is an emanation of the Wisdom Buddha Manjushri, his faithful followers never experience difficulty in increasing their wisdom. There are many other benefits from practising Offering to the Spiritual Guide. These are explained in the book Great Treasury of Merit, which contains a complete commentary to the practice. Includes food offering.

Powa ceremony (transference of consciousness)
(usually once per month or upon request)

We engage in Powa prayers for the sake of all living beings who have passed away in the past month. The purpose of doing this is to lead all the deceased to the state of permanent liberation from suffering, these prayers are therefore extremely meaningful. If you would like to request prayers be made for a particular deceased being, please contact the centre.

Quick Path to Great Bliss

Vajrayogini Self-Generation practice (only for those who have received Highest Yoga Tantra empowerments)

See web calender or contact us for times

Melodious Drum (extensive protector prayers)

The extensive fulfilling and restoring ritual of the Dharma Protector, the great king Dorje Shugdän, in conjunction with Mahakala, Kalarupa, Kalindewi, and other Dharma Protectors

Where possible we engage in these extensive prayers on 29th of each month.

Mahayana Precepts

15th of each month, 6.30am (please check times with the centre or calender if you wish to attend)

Tara Prayers

8th of each month,times vary ((please check times with the centre or calender if you wish to attend). A mixture of prayers and meditations in honour of Arya Tara.