Free Introduction to FP ~ New FP series Starts Monday 16th April

The Foundation Programme (FP) involves systematic study and practice of Kadampa Buddhism especially suited to the modern world.

This Programme is presently studying ‘The New Heart of Wisdom’ by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.


Benefits of studying on Foundation Programme:

Deepen your experience & understanding of Buddha’s teachings.
Connect with other meditation practitioners.
Improve your discipline to meditate.
Increase your mindfulness & concentration

There are currently about 20 people studying on FP who form a friendly group with a wide range of backgrounds and varying levels of experience.

New FP series

 In April the programme will begin to study Part 2 of the book ‘The New Heart of Wisdom’.  It explains the Lamrim or ‘stages of the path to Enlightenment’ which is a system of 21 meditations. Through practising these meditations in our daily life we will solve all our problems and find true happiness. These meditations develop all our good qualities of mind and heal our mind of all negativity and confusion.  Through doing this we will awaken our potential for limitless peace and happiness and develop the ability to truly benefit others.
It is recommended that people who wish to try out the programme will have attended the centre’s introductory classes first, gaining some familiarity and experience with Kadampa meditation and Buddhism.  If you haven’t attended classes yet, why not try the Tuesday Evening, Saturday Courses, or Sunday Morning.
The taster session on the 16th April is free to attend.  After then, students can pay for a month to trial the programme for a month, after which students can then choose to fully commit to the programme.

The programme is taught by our Principal Teacher; Gen Kelsang Leksang, an ordained Buddhist nun with over fifteen years experience of practice, study and teaching Kadampa Buddhism.

Contact the Education Team if you would like to try it out.  Please email or call 0121 643 3335 to speak with Ally