All our Kadampa teachers have been studying Buddhism at Kadampa Meditation Centre for some time. They all have experience of solving their daily problems by putting Buddhist teachings into practice in daily life.

Scott Ellis teaches some of the Saturday half day courses. He is noted for his enthusiasm and wonderful sense of humour. He works for the NHS as an IT manager.

Steve Porter teaches some of our classes. He has been studying and practising the Buddhist way of life for many years.  He is a local business man with a family and lives in Sutton Coldfield. His practical experience of applying the teachings to daily life enables him to explain them clearly.

Sarah Neal teaches the Friday classes at Kadampa Meditation Centre Birmingham. She is married with a teenage daughter. She is appreciated for her warmth and sincerity.

Jake Stubbs teaches the Tuesday Bournville class. Jake studies on Foundation Programme and is an enthusiastic meditator. He recently graduated from Birmingham University, having studied a degree in Education.

Elaine Mead teaches the occasional class. She has been studying on Foundation Programme for some time and deeply appreciates the benefits of Buddhist practice.