Kadampa Meditation Centre Birmingham is located in the heart of Birmingham city centre, close to the Mailbox and within walking distance of New Street Station. It is part of a large international network of Kadampa Buddhist centres, established by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.

The purpose of the centre is to provide a source of peace and harmony for all the people of Birmingham and the West Midlands by giving access to reliable methods for developing inner peace. The centre is open to everybody, regardless of belief, background etc. Whether you wish to learn some basic meditation techniques, learn more about Buddhism or just want some time out to experience some peace and quiet, KMC Birmingham has something for you.

We offer meditation courses for beginners, intermediate students and those that wish to study in greater depth. People also benefit from the centre by engaging in meaningful voluntary work, or by becoming a resident and others simply wish to come and enjoy a cup of tea in the garden.
 The centre is run by a friendly community of volunteers, some of whom are residential and some just pop by when they wish.

The community is made up of a wide variety of different people of all ages – some are ordained, but most are lay, some have families and most have full time jobs. What they all share is a wish to develop the qualities of mind which make them more peaceful and of greater benefit to others and the desire to help others to do the same.