Suitable for Beginners and Everyone Welcome.

Half Day Courses offer a great introduction to meditation and various topics such as stress, anxiety, worry, love, compassion, wisdom and many other aspects of modern life.

They consists of two 1 hour sessions (10:30-11:30am & 12-1pm) which include guided meditations and a talk on the topic.  There is a half hour break in the middle for refreshments.  You are welcome to arrive from 9:45am for pre-course refreshments and to stay after the course also to relax in the centre.

Full Day Courses are similar to the half day courses, but provide more opportunity to explore in more detail the chosen topic.  Generally three sessions which include meditation and a talk.  Includes a morning break and lunch break.

Public Talk Special Events are generally given by visiting teachers and are held of an evening.  They provide a concise overview of meditation and the chosen topic, and are similar to our weekly class.

Guided Retreats provide the opportunity enhance your meditation practice, and really immerse for a longer period of time in a peaceful mind.  Generally three sessions over the day with more time to meditate, but guidance and explanation also are given.

Empowerments are special blessing ceremonies of a particular Buddha, that enable us to make a special connection with the particular quality that the Buddha embodies.   For example Avalokiteshvara embodies compassion and Manjushri wisdom.  Explanation of and commentary to the Buddha’s practice are taught so we can then develop a daily practice or enhance our present practice.

ALL courses include complimentary refreshments to enhance the social aspect of the time spent at the centre.

Most people sit on chairs, although cushions and mats are available for those wishing to sit on the floor.

Select a course from the menu for further information on each particular course.

Costs vary depending on the course.  Half Day Courses are £13 (adv) or £15 (day).  Full Day Courses are £25.  Public Talk Special Events are £10.  Guided Retreats are £20 (day) or £7 (per session).  Empowerments are £25.

Course venue:

Kadampa Meditation Centre Birmingham, 1 The Postbox, Commercial Street, Birmingham B1 1RS. Next to The Mailbox & Cube Buildings. 10 minutes walk from New Street Station. How To Find Us.