February 1, 2020
    10:00 am - 1:00 pm


with Resident Teacher Kelsang Lhasang

Saturday 1st February, 10am – 1pm

with optional Pratimoksha Vow ceremony, 2 – 3pm

£15 advance booking or £17 on the day

All of us have the wish to improve our self and to become more peaceful and kind-hearted. We long
to reduce our problems and suffering and to make our life meaningful. Buddha’s teachings provide a
framework of understandings that allow us to do exactly this. In this half-day course learn about
how the practice of moral discipline is our inner protection against suffering. Kelsang Lhasang will
explain two practices that lead to a completely pure mind: taking and keeping the Eight Mahayana
Precepts, and the practice of the pratimoksha vows.
In the first practice, we train in pure conduct one day at a time; and with the second, we transform
our whole life into one of inner purity.

There will also be an optional afternoon ceremony for those who wish to take the lay pratimoksha
vows. These life-long vows are offered periodically, and only upon formal request. “Pratimoksha”
means “personal liberation.” In order to purify our actions of body, speech and mind, we promise to
refrain from the following throughout our life: killing, stealing, sexual misconduct (cheating on our
partner or with another’s partner), lying and taking intoxicants (including smoking). For more
information and/or to make a request to take the vows please email:

Kelsang Lhasang was appointed by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche as the Resident Teacher of KMC Birmingham.  She is a dedicated disciple, and has been studying  and practising  meditation and Modern Kadampa Buddhism for over ten years.  She has taught both in the UK and Australia.  She has successfully completed the six month Intensive Resident Teacher Training Course at Manjushri KMC.  She is well known for her sincere good heart, working to enable people to solve their daily problems.


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