family classes

learn how to live in harmony through simple methods which explore how to increase our kindness and respect for others in an uncertain and busy world, with sessions that include a brief meditation and a buddhist teaching, suitable for children between 3 and 11

learn how to live in harmony

class info

when do they run?

once a month from 3pm

how long for?

40 minutes

how much?

£3 per child

class information

In an uncertain and busy world; children, parents and carers need a place to go where they can learn to develop harmony and methods for calming the mind and strengthening the modern family. These classes offer a simple introduction to meditation and Buddha’s teachings by emphasising kindness, respect for others, and keeping a happy heart. In each class there is a gentle meditation and a themed talk and fun activity.

at present these classes are online only

they are taught by kadampa teacher simon holder. Simon has a deep enthusiasm for sharing buddha’s teachings with children through play and story telling. 

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