Sunday 26 January 10am – 4.30pm

Learn how to engage in a powerful purification practice which will help us let go of negativity and develop a happy and healthy body and mind.

This ancient practice was taught by Buddha himself in the Mahayana Sutra of Three Superior Heaps. This practice is an especially powerful practice of purification and if done regularly, we can eventually remove all the obstacles to realizing our potential for enlightenment and become a Buddha ourself with a completely pure body, speech and mind.
Please note: the practice includes the physical action of making prostrations but can be adapted to suit all levels of mobility, including just reciting and engaging mentally. For those able and who wish to participate in making physical prostrations (which involves stretching the body out full length on the floor), it is advised to wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat.


10am – 11:30pm – Teaching One

12 – 1 – Teaching Two

2:15 – 3 – Q & A

3:30 – 4:30pm – Prostration Practice

Cost: £25 whole day, £9 per session and free to benefactors