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‘The Buddhist Path to Happiness’

Taught by Resident Teacher and Kadampa Buddhist nun Gen Kelsang Leksang.

These meditation classes will provide you with a comprehensive guide to how to develop and maintain a daily meditation practice. The class will include 2 guided meditations and a teaching.

In-person and Online options are available. Online option allows you to access to:

  • the live streamed event (Tuesdays 7-8.15pm) including the opportunity to participate in an optional (non-recorded) Q&A
  • A recording of the live-streamed session (not including the Q&A) for 7 days following the class.

About the Course

We will be engaging in meditations on Lamrim ‘The stages of the Path to Enlightenment ‘ week by week. We will mainly be following the book ‘The New Meditation Handbook’ by accomplished meditation master and founder of Kadampa Meditation Centre Birmingham – Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.

Lamrim contains the condensation of all of Buddhas 84 000 teachings. It is a special presentation of 21 meditations that is easy to practice and integrate into daily life. By systematically meditating on Lamrim we will gradually heal the causes of all the pain, anxiety and happiness in our minds and awaken our potential for deep and lasting happiness. By becoming familiar with the Lamrim meditations we will transform the way we look at ourselves, other people and our world and find real solutions to our daily problems.

Everybody welcome to drop in or attend the whole course. This course is suitable for beginners as well as experienced meditators. The course will be divided into the following parts which can be attended individually:

Part 5: ‘Be the change’ – 4 week Series
  • Tuesday 8th June – the power of compassion
  • Tuesday 15th June- a fearless heart
  • Tuesday 22nd June- wishing love
  • Tuesday 29th June- giving love
Part 6: ‘Awakening our limitless potential’ – 4 week Series
  • Tuesday 6th July – the supreme good heart
  • Tuesday 13th July- the peace of concentration
  • Tuesday 20th July- the nature of reality
  • Tuesday 27th July- the root of all goodness and joy

You can book for the entire series at a discounted rate (available before course start date) or for individual dates as and when you are able to attend.

Booking is required before the live stream event, even if you only wish to access the recording. You can book for the entire series at a discounted rate (available before course start date and for up to 7 days from date of first class) or for individual dates as and when you are able to attend.

Are we your nearest centre? We are encouraging people to support their local centre in order to help all centres to survive during this pandemic. Our classes are open to those who would normally be able to attend our classes and events in person, including those living in the Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Solihull and Wolverhampton areas. If you do not live in this area please find your local centre by clicking here…..

booking options:


individual class bookings

Tuesday 15th June 7 – 8.15pm
‘a fearless heart’
Tuesday 22nd June 7 – 8.15pm
‘wishing love’
Tuesday 29th June 7 – 8.15pm
‘giving love’
Tuesday 6th July 7 – 8.15pm
‘the supreme good heart’
Tuesday 13th July 7 – 8.15pm
‘the peace of Concentration’
Tuesday 20th July 7 – 8.15pm
‘the nature of reality’
Tuesday 27th July 7 – 8.15pm
‘the root of all goodness and joy’
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