‘Love Without Pain’

Half Day Course on Saturday 15th August, 10am to 1pm with Resident Teacher Kelsang Lhasang


We know when we love others we feel warm, well-disposed and close to them and we have a happy feeling. Sometimes though we can feel that our love leads to pain and suffering, as if the sorrow is part of loving others.

On this meditation course learn from Buddha’s teachings how we can distinguish between love and the deluded (pain-causing) mind of attachment. By developing our wisdom in this way, we can learn to increase our love for others and reduce and eradicate the deluded mind of attachment. Through gradual training in these methods, all our relationships become based on pure love which leads to only happiness.

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  2. Watch the recorded version – this can be purchased and viewed within 7 days of the original streamed course.

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Course Fee: £15 (£9 concession*), free for members, members plus, FP plus and benefactors

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Session times for the live stream: session I: 10am to 11.15am, session II: 11.45am to 1pm

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Love Without Pain Live Stream


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*Concessions: to reflect our wish to make these meditation classes as accessible as possible during these difficult times, we are providing this reduced class fee for those who need it. In return, we ask that you consider carefully whether this applies to you, recognising that all income generated goes towards our continued ability to provide these classes and enable our Centre to function.

Kind Request: please be aware that these sessions are intended for people living within the West Midlands region. If you have a Kadampa Centre closer to you we ask you to please support them instead. In this way all our Centres will still be here to serve their communities when this difficult period comes to an end. Thank you.