Online Classes

At KMC Birmingham we offer a variety of classes and courses to cater for the different needs of people interested in meditation. Whether you are someone wanting to find some inner peace to cope with the challenges of daily life or whether you are looking for a spiritual path to full enlightenment you are welcome to join any of our classes and explore, at the level you are comfortable with, the power of your own mind to create your experience. Below is a brief summary of the various classes and courses we offer.


Morning Meditations

Rise and set yourself up to shine by joining us for a 25-minute guided meditation – suitable for everyone including beginners, will enable you to cultivate a sense of inner peace which is so essential in coping with the challenges of our changing lives. In this way you can start each day on the right track with a positive and inspired mind.
staying calm in difficult times

Weekly Classes

Current Theme: ‘Staying Calm When Thngs Go Wrong’
Our weekly drop-in classes consist of a combination of guided meditations and brief teachings that provide practical guidance on how we can use Buddha’s teachings to help us face the challenges of our modern daily life.

Lunchtime Meditation

Give you mind a 25-minute breather in the day and reflect on Buddhist wisdom within a guided meditation. These meditations are based on the weekly theme of our Sunday morning class and can work in powerful combination with attendance of that class, or simply as standalone bite-size chunks of new ways of thinking.

Saturday Morning Courses

Similar to the weekly classes, our half day courses provide the opportunity to explore particular topics and understand their relevance to our daily lives.

Weekly In-depth Classes

This class gives us the opportunity to look in more depth at the key concepts of Buddhism. The current classes are based on the ‘Modern Buddhism’ book written by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. They are drop-in classes which you can join at any time.

Foundation Programme

The Foundation Programme is a committed programme of study that allows us to gain a deeper experience of Buddha’s teachings through a detailed study and meditation on the essential subjects of Kadampa Buddhism.