Sunday City meditation class – February


Sundays 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th February  (4 weeks)

11am – 12.15pm

with Resident Teacher Gen Kelsang Leksang

Kadampa Meditation Centre Birmingham. 44 Blucher Street, Birmingham. B1 1QJ

On this course, you will learn practical methods for dealing with challenging behaviour in others and letting go of stresses and frustrations that can so easily arise. It is great for beginners as well as those with experience.

The course will include powerful, tried and tested advice and guided meditations. There is also an opportunity to ask questions after each class.

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Do you find anyone in your life difficult? Does this give rise to stress, hurt and frustration in your life?

Dealing with people is such a big part of our lives. So, what happens when we find others difficult to live or work with?

So often our priorities differ, our opinions clash, conflicts can build and we can feel like another person is making us stressed and miserable.

Buddha explains some clear methods for taking control back and realising that we can change our relationship with others by changing the way we view them.

In these classes, Gen Leksang will explain how you can learn to change our relationship with others simply by learning to change the way you view them.

We will explore special ways of viewing others that will not only protect your mind but will also enable you to respond to challenging behaviour more effectively.

Becoming familiar with these special views will give you the freedom to be at peace regardless of how others behave.

These classes are taught by Buddhist nun Gen Kelsang Leksang. A teacher with 20 years experience of teaching meditation. The course will be based on teachings of Buddha that provide powerful and liberating insights into the nature of the human mind.

Everybody is welcome to come and learn these simple techniques to start to improve our relationships.

Book for a single class or a series. Receive a discount if you book for the entire course.

You will discover how you can:

  • Be confident and calm in the face of challenging behaviour
  • Stay calm and positive
  • Transform yourself and your relationships

The format

IN-PERSON from February

The teacher

The teacher of this class is Gen Kelsang Leksang, she has been an ordained Buddhist nun for 15 years. She has been studying under the guidance of the meditation master Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche for about 20 years and was first appointed as Resident Teacher at Kadampa Meditation Centre Birmingham in 2007.

Known for her caring and positive manner, she has the ability to inspire people to improve their own lives by showing how Buddha’s teachings are relevant to the experiences of modern-day people.

When is it?


Sundays – 11am – 12.15pm

Where is it?

Kadampa Meditation Centre Birmingham. 44 Blucher Street, Birmingham. B1 1QJ

What does it cost?

  • 33% discount for the whole course: £20
  • Single classes: £7.50
  • Or why not consider a membership which includes multiple weekly classes and weekend workshops for only £30/month?


Week 1 – 5th February – managing expectations (£7.50)

Week 2 – 12th February – the power of love (£7.50)

Week 3 – 19th February – staying calm (£7.50)

Week 4 – 26th February – transforming relationships (£7.50)

Next course

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