simply meditate

uplift your mind

experience ways to uplift the mind and cultivate a sense of inner peace with our simple guided meditations

class info

when do they run?

wednesdays at 11am

how long for?

40 minutes

how much?

£5 per person
free for members

what do you get?

a simple guided meditation
with advice on how to meditate and keep a peaceful mind in daily life

why this class?

experience ways to uplift your mind
and cultivate a feeling of inner peace

these classes are available as...

upcoming classes and booking options

there is no simply meditate class on 7th april as all our kind teachers & volunteers are all taking a well earned break over easter.

booking is available below for Steve’s next class on Wednesday 14th April


Wednesday 21st April

Please note that there is no live class this week. You will be able to access a pre-recorded class with Steve instead.


Wednesday 28th April


Wednesday 5th May

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