The Way Things Really Are

with Resident Teacher Kelsang Lhasang ~ recording available till Saturday, 11th July

the way things really are

Out of confusion we misperceive the way things exist, fabricate an identity and world, and live within this hallucination as if it were the truth. We view our limitations as real and we feel stuck.

But our limitations and the world we normally perceive are not real and as solid as they seem to be. The actual nature of things is emptiness, which means things do not exist outside the mind, but are mere appearances arising from our mind. Understanding this naturally frees us from our sense of limitation and insecurity and fills us with a sense of possibility and joy.

On this day course learn how to experience deep lasting happiness through meditation on emptiness of the self. This will help set us free from our limiting conceptions and enable us to become the person we wish to be. This course will be of particular benefit for those attending ‘Introduction to Tantra’ half day course.

Course Fee: £18 (£10.80 concession*), free for members plus and benefactors

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Day course format: three sessions each lasting an hour and a quarter


'The Way Things Are' recording

To Access the Recording: Once you have purchased the recording you will be directed to a page containing the recording. If this does not happen please contact us via and we can send the link to you.

*Concessions: to reflect our wish to make these meditation classes as accessible as possible during these difficult times, we are providing this reduced class fee for those who need it. In return, we ask that you consider carefully whether this applies to you, recognising that all income generated goes towards our continued ability to provide these classes and enable our Centre to function.

Kind Request: please be aware that these sessions are intended for people living within the West Midlands region. If you have a Kadampa Centre closer to you we ask you to please support them instead. In this way all our Centres will still be here to serve their communities when this difficult period comes to an end. Thank you.