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Meditation Sessions for Groups and Organisations

We run meditation sessions, and courses for companies and community groups. These sessions present meditation and positive thinking techniques to support well being and mental health. We have considerable experience of tailoring and delivering sessions to meet your particular requirements.
We have worked with a large number of companies, government organisations, banks, retailors, hospitals, educational establishments, broadcasters, charities and more and have received excellent feedback. We can come to visit your workplace or arrange for you to do a session in our relaxing meditation room in Birmingham City Centre.

Stress in the workplace has been described as an epidemic that is gradually increasing.

What can you do ?

There is growing evidence that regular meditation and mindfulness practice can help employees become calmer, less stressed, more productive and creative.

How we can help

We are able offer sessions that provide individuals with methods to improve mental well being and mindset. We can provide tools that enable you and your team to reduce stress, become more solution focused, think more clearly, improve relationships, develop a healthier work-life balance and much more.

The benefits

Medical research has identified key benefits of meditation within the workplace:

  • Reduced employee stress, absenteeism and employee turnover
  • Improved productivity and team morale
  • Increase in employees focus and clearer thinking
  • Increased employee satisfaction and creativity
  • Improved colleague and family relationships
  • Increased positive thinking
  • Promotes general wellbeing and better work/life balance.

Clear mind at work

We offer employee training sessions at your work place or at our beautiful meditation centre in Birmingham City Centre.

Our sessions will introduce your employees or group to meditation practices that will bring for work and life.

The aim is to encourage employees to attend meditation classes and to equip them with a toolbox of techniques that will enable them to reduce stress and stay calm.

All meditation courses and workshops are led by experienced meditation teachers from Kadampa Meditation Centre Birmingham who have significant workplace and  management experience enabling them to relate to the specific needs of the workplace environment.

The meditations we teach are suitable for everyone and there is no requirement for previous meditation experience.

Session packages

We can offer you a number of packages ranging from a one off 45 minute session to longer 3 hour workshops and a series of sessions. We can tailor our packages to your needs and we offer discretionary rates to charities and government bodies.

Contact us

Call us on 0121 824 4198 or e-mail to discuss how we can help you.

Research and evidence.

In 2010/11, the Health and Safety executive (HSE, 2010/11) conservatively estimated the cost of stress, depression and anxiety at £3.6 billion per year. In 2014 the cost of work related stress to the economy reached a massive £6.5 billion demonstrating how prevalent an issue stress in the workplace has become in the UK. An estimated 10.4 million days are lost to stress related illness per year. In addition, presenteeism is also on the rise, meaning employees coming to work disengaged, tired, unmotivated and too stressed to work.

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