Beginners meditation retreat January


Beginners meditation retreat 

Saturday 20th January 10am-3pm 

with Resident Teacher Gen Kelsang Leksang 

Join us for a calming meditation day retreat and be guided through a series of simple, yet powerful meditations for uplifting and transforming your mind. 

This course is great for beginners as well as those with experience. It will provide you with a good meditation toolkit for daily life. 

The day will include a series of guided meditations, practical advice, and an opportunity to ask questions. 

Everybody welcome 

Venue: Kadampa Meditation Centre Birmingham – 44 Blucher Street, Birmingham. B1 1QJ 

The centre is conveniently located 8 minutes walk from New Street station and next to The Mailbox building – with a number of cafes, restaurants, and shops. 

Refreshments are available at the centre and can also be purchased at local shops and cafes. 

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Would you like to have a break from it all? Are you tired of mental busyness and stress and interested in learning how to meditate? If so, these meditation day retreats are a very popular way of doing just that. 

A relaxing day retreat in a peaceful environment in the heart of the city providing a rare opportunity to refresh your mind through meditation. Through meditation, we can learn how to relax and develop peaceful and positive states of mind. These beginners’ retreats introduce simple meditation techniques and include practical advice on how to maintain the experience of inner peace in daily life, with time to discuss the ideas presented. 

On this retreat we will: 

  • Engage in 3 sessions of meditation retreat 
  • Explore how we can meditate and deepen our meditation practice 
  • Learn how to discover peace of mind in daily life 
  • Learn a series of meditations that function as a toolkit for everyday life 

session 1 – calming the mind 

session 2 – developing a kind and happy heart 

session 3 – dissolving painful thoughts and feelings 

The retreat is suitable for beginners and those with more experience. It will include guided meditations and practical advice. It will give you tried and tested tools and meditation practices for finding happiness. Everyone is welcome. 

The format 


Also available online for members (see website for details) 

The teacher 

The teacher of this class is Gen Kelsang Leksang.  Gen Leksang has been an ordained Buddhist nun for 16 years. She has been studying under the guidance of the meditation master Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso for over 20 years and was first appointed as Resident Teacher of Kadampa Meditation Centre Birmingham in 2007.  

Appreciated for her caring and positive manner, she has the ability to inspire people to improve their own lives by showing how Buddha’s teaching are relevant to the experiences of modern-day people. 

When is it? 

Saturday 20th January 10am-3pm 

Where is it? 

Kadampa Meditation Centre Birmingham. 44 Blucher Street, Birmingham. B1 1QJ 

What does it cost? 

  • £20 advance booking (£25 on the door) 
  • Or why not consider a membership which includes multiple weekly classes and weekend workshops for only £35/month?